The Advantages of Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

The Devastating Consequences of Trucking Accidents

While there is no such thing as a good automobile accident, trucking accidents are among the most catastrophic, resulting in some of the most severe damages and injuries on the road. Anyone can be affected by a trucking accident; however, the sheer size and weight of most trucks put occupants of other cars on the road at a much higher risk, and the injuries the victims sustain can result in permanent disability or even death. Data shows that most of the fatalities in trucking accidents are occupants in passenger vehicles. Victims of trucking accidents and their surviving family members are often entitled to significant compensation, and a truck accident attorney can make sure said victims receive every last cent they’re owed.

Holding the Correct Parties Responsible

There are a large number of parties responsible for a trucking accident, and a truck accident attorney will know how to pursue them all. Truck driver negligence is a major cause of trucking accidents, and of cases where the driver is responsible, almost half involve the use of over-the-counter or prescription medication, and almost a quarter of the time, the driver is breaking the speed limit. When this kind of gross negligence is the reason for a trucking accident, the victims are entitled to significant compensation.

While drivers are often responsible in these cases, they’re usually not the only responsible parties. The truck manufacturer, owner, and the company leasing the truck may all hold some responsibility for the accident. A Los Angeles truck accident attorney will know how to determine and prove the responsibility of any guilty parties and will advocate on their client’s behalf to make sure any and all responsible parties award damages to the victims and/or to their families.

Accountability and Upholding the Law

Even though the law doesn’t uphold these loopholes, many trucking companies will try to find ways to avoid any liability for an accident, like claiming that the driver wasn’t an employee or that the company wasn’t responsible for the shipment the truck was carrying. A good truck accident attorney who knows federal and California law inside and out will be able to prove otherwise and hold trucking companies responsible in these accidents.

A truck accident attorney will also understand all the federal standards and regulations for truckers and trucking companies, which may have been broken by the driver or the company in relation to an accident. If, for example, a trucker was driving the vehicle for longer than federal regulations permit, then an attorney will be able to use that violation of regulations to prove the responsibility of the other parties. By hiring a truck accident attorney with experience in the field and a thorough understanding of federal and California law, the victim of a trucking accident can be sure their case doesn’t fall prey to the trucking company’s tricks and attempted loopholes.

Hiring the Right Attorneys

The unfortunate truth is that many attorneys who claim to represent truck accidents do not, in fact, have any real experience or history of success with these kinds of cases. As trucking accidents are not as common as many other types of road accidents, there are firms that believe they are equipped for these cases but, in reality, are absolutely not. It is crucial, in these cases, to hire a truck accident attorney with proven experience with similar cases and with a history of winning these cases. Victims of trucking accidents should know that their cases are being handled by dedicated experts who are using every available resource to advocate on their behalf.

Recovering Maximum Damages

When it comes to something like trucking accidents, which can leave victims with injuries as severe as paralysis, brain damage, amputation, or even death, there is no question that victims and their families face significant physical, emotional, and financial consequences. These victims are entitled to compensation and medical care to ensure their only responsibility is recovering from their ordeal. Trucking accidents can have absolutely devastating consequences, and if you or someone you love has been in one, you can and should hire a truck accident attorney to represent your interests and fight on your behalf so that you get compensation from the parties responsible.