Types of Charges a Sex Assault Lawyer can Defend

Quintessentially, sexual assault refers to any type of forceful physical action that is intimidating sexual contact without your consent. But this broader definition and corresponding legal punishments for the offender vary among states. In the state of Colorado, the law is quite severe against any form of sexual assault and can lead to a lifelong sentence for the victim along with a hefty monetary penalty. With such severe legal prohibition and penalties the accused should consult an experienced sex assault lawyer in Denver with immediate effect. Let us discuss here on the types of charges sexual assault lawyer can defend successfully.

Rape or criminal sexual penetration

This is the most common and severe type of sexual offense that draws maximum penalties and punishment. The law defines such crime as penetration of sexual organs or inside other body openings without consent of the victim. In the state of Colorado, the penetration is categorized as per the severity caused in victim by it.

Criminal sexual contact

This is the other most common type of sexual assault observed in a vast majority of cases. Any type of contact which is sexual in nature and which happens without the consent of the victim come under this category. Mostly forcefully touching someone sexually or sexual contact without penetration is considered under this category of sex assault.

Sexual conduct with child or minors

Sexual conduct or sexual penetration or sexual harassment of children or minor by a matured person is considered as a crime. The severity of the charge varies among states and as per the nature of the sexual abuse. The law in most states, mainly opposes the instances where adults taking advantage of the minor ones in fulfilling their sexual desire.

Sexual conduct by an authoritative person

If a person in authority like a teacher, prison guard, police personnel, mental healthcare providers in asylum or hospitals engages in sexual activities with someone under his supervision, then the sexual conduct can be described as sexual assault  as per law. The rationale behind this law is that the victim has limited freedom or capacity to voice his or her consent to the person in authority in case of any sexual conduct. Similarly, having sex with mentally retarded patients by a doctor or health professional is also considered as a crime as the capacity of consent is totally out of reach for the victim.

Penalties for sexual assault

The penalties vary as per the severity of the condition caused by the sexual conduct and other aggravating factors of violence. In case the defendant is helped by someone or a deadly weapon in committing the crime or in such cases where the assault causes serious injury to the victim, the defendant will attract highest penalties. Using physical force to penetrate, threatening the victim with murder, injury, etc. and making the victim unconscious or impaired by a date rape drug, these offenses attract second highest penalties. Except these two categories that attract severe punishments, other type of abusive or criminal sexual conducts draws penalties and punishments as per the victim’s condition and the violent intention of the defendant.